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Reading an eBook on Your Mobile Device

eBooks checked out successfully will open within the Axis 360 mobile app once they have downloaded. Alternatively, you can click on the Read Online button to stream your title online, saving storage space on your device. You can immediately begin to read by tapping on the right and left sides of your screen or swiping from right to left to go forward and from left to right to go backward. Please note that if there is a blank area on your screen, you cannot swipe to advance forwards or backwards; instead, you'll need to swipe where there is text. We are working on fixing this issue. Tap the top of your screen to bring up the menu. There are many other options you can utilize to get the best out of your reading experience within Axis 360: 

Create, View, and Delete Bookmarks
View the Table of Contents
Highlight, Create a Note, and Look Up a Word Using Google and/or the Dictionary
Search Within an eBook

Change Text Settings
Text to Speech
Exit Your eBook

Please note that the reading interface is the same for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices, so you can easily move from one operating system to another without having to use a different interface. 

Create, View, and Delete Bookmarks

To create a bookmark, tap the bookmark icon at the top of the page. Your bookmark will be automatically saved. Please note that you cannot bookmark blank pages.

bookmark icon

To view and delete a bookmark, tap on the menu icon in the right corner of the page, and then tap on Bookmarks

bookmarks menu option

A list of all saved bookmarks displays. Tap on a bookmark to go directly to that place in your book. To delete a bookmark, click on the trash can icon next to the bookmark you want to remove.

bookmarks page

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View the Table of Contents

Tap the screen to bring up the menu.Tap the menu icon. The Table of Contents displays along the left side of the page. Tap directly on the chapter name you wish to go to within your book.

main menu               table of contents

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Highlight, Create a Note, and Look Up a Word Using Google and/or the Dictionary

To bring up the context menu for a word or phrase, long-press on the word or phrase itself until a menu displays.

pop up menu displays

Select one of the following options from the menu: 

  • Highlight - Select to highlight the selected text in a color of your choice.
  • Note - Select to create a note for the selected text. Tap Save to save your note. To review your notes, tap on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select Notes/Highlights.
highlighted text         note text box       

notes and highlights option         list of notes and highlights

A list of all your saved notes and highlights will display. Tap directly on a note or highlight to go to that place in your book. If you want to edit your note, tap on the pencil icon to add or remove text. Additionally, you can sort your notes and highlights by color and date by tapping on those headings.

  • Google- Select to bring a list of Google search results for the selected text.
  • Dictionary - Select to bring up a definition of the selected text.
  • Search- Select to bring up a list of all instances in which the selected text is used in the book. Alternatively, you can use the instructions below to search for a word in your book.

dictionary         search results

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Search Within an eBook

1.  Tap on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

right menu option

2.  Select Search.

search menu icon

3. Enter your search term in the text field, and then tap the magnifying glass icon. Your search results will display on a new page. Simply tap the search result you wish to navigate to within the book.

search results

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Change Text Settings

You can change the text and background in your eBook to make it easier to read. To access the text settings, tap on the Aa icon in the upper right corner of the page.

display settings

The Display Options page displays. From here, select one of the below options. Tap the icon to exit the Display Options page. Please note that some ebooks are in Fixed Format, which means that you may not be able to change any of the below settings. This option is determined by publishers and cannot be changed.

  • Font - Use the slider or the A icons to make your font size larger or smaller.
  • Page Layout - Select either Autoone-page, or two-page to view either the recommended publisher setting, one page at a time, or two pages at a time.
  • Themes - Tap on a color swatch to change your background to the associated color.

display options page

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If your title has text-to-speech enabled, you will see a note on the Title Details page.

image of title details page with text-to-speech enabled

After you check out the title, tap on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the page to reveal the menu. Tap on Play (1) to start playing text-to-speech. Tap on Audio Options (2) to open additional text-to-speech settings.

image of reader with open text to speech menu

On the Audio Options screen, you can tap directly on the speed (1) you wish to have the book read to you: Slower, Normal, Faster, or Fastest. If you'd like to have Axis 360 highlight text (2) as it is being read, tap on Words to have words highlighted as they are read, or Sentences to have entire sentences highlighted as they are read. To turn off highlighting, tap on None. Finally, you can select the Voice (3) you wish to have read text to you by tapping on the associated voice name. 

image of text to speech options

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Exit Your eBook

To exit your eBook, just tap the back button on your device if you are on Android or Kindle. If you are on iOS, tap on the back button within the reader itself. The app will save your place so you can continue later where you left off.

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